Virtual Office

Virtual office is an extremely popular and efficient business concept that allows users to get a complete standard office service without the costs of renting an office, equipping the office, hiring workers and related costs.

The fact is that more and more activities do not involve working in a certain physical location, however, still every business entity must have a registered address for contact with government agencies and business partners.

In that sense, the virtual office has proven to be a practical solution that rationalizes resources. It allows you to rationalize costs while your job does not require workspace and you can be physically anywhere.

As people are often on the move today and change their residential and work addresses, it is quite practical to have a headquarters at one address.

By using the virtual office and accompanying services, it is possible to maximally rationalize the costs of rent, internet and telephony, office equipment and employee engagement.

At our address, it is possible to register the company's headquarters in Serbia.

We receive mail for your company, we scan it on the same day and send it to the e-mail address you specify.

We also receive physical mail and forward it.

It is possible to arrange the service of answering calls sent to your company, as well as hiring an assistant who will be dedicated to your requests.

Virtual office Belgrade - New Belgrade

The address in Belgrade is Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10a, the so-called Yu business center located in the administrative and business center of New Belgrade surrounded by many renowned companies and public institutions.

Virtual office Novi Sad

The address in Novi Sad is Pavla Papa 14 and is located in the center of Novi Sad, also close to all relevant institutions.

Our team is also located at these addresses, so you can get the services of a renowned company in the field of accounting, tax and business law in one place.

The administrative support we offer can make your business much easier and allow you to dedicate your time to what you are best at.

Contact us at and find out more to choose the most efficient solution for your business.

What do you get?

Novi Sad

  • Pavla Papa 14
  • +381 21 523 655+381 63 105 61 83


  • Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10 A-I/12, sprat 4
  • +381 11 311 83 49+381 60 588 57 19

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