Payroll outsourcing in Serbia

Outsourcing payroll services and other personal incomes (in Serbia) – why and how to do it?

More often companies use external partner for payrolls.

There are several possible reasons for such a decision:

  • Tax-legal segment – Personal incomes are often in focus, so the Client wants to make sure that contracts and calculations are being made in accordance with the regulations
  • Lower costs – less possibility of paying penalties and interests. Employee who deals with payrolls (especially with larger companies with somewhat more complex calculations) must have a wide field of expertise, in order to do a good job. Hiring such an employee represents a significant cost.
  • Reliability – when a service is provided by a specialized partner, it is not possible that due to the absence of your employee the possibility of regular calculation and payment of earnings becomes endangered.
  • Experience – specialized parnters perform payrolls for a large number of legal entities, thus acquiring the most diverse experiences, which enables them to provide quality solutions in practice.
  • Secrecy of earnings – comparison with others is in human nature, so the salary of an employee can be more than decent, but if for some reason the colleague has a higher salary (for which the employee considers that he has a similar or lower working contribution), the employee becomes demotivated.

The service that the AKTIVA sistem provides to the Client implies:

  • drafting employment contracts and other acts in the field of employment,
  • registration and deregistration of employees on social insurance,
  • obtaining and authentication of health cards, issuance of certificates of salary and other similar certificates
  • calculation of salaries and other personal incomes, filling tax forms and preparing a payment order,
  • billing, payment and refunding of sick and maternity leave.

* The calculation of salaries for management needs can be adjusted by cost location or organizational units.