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Tax advice
Bookkeeping - Accounting agency
Estabilishing companies

Price list


A) Establishment services, status changes, 
     liquidation and termination of companies and stores

1. establishing companies (Ltd)
at least 100 EUR
   notes:   Read more
    + if there are multiple founders (Serbian residents), for every
       person 20 EUR are added to the price,
    + if the founder is a non-resident then 50 EUR is
       added to the price;
    + if the founder is a foreign legal entity then 100 EUR is
       added to the price;
2. establishing entrepreneur – sole proprietor
(commercial, craft store, catering, agency ...)
60 EUR
3. registering changes at companies
50 EUR for the first
(changing name, seat, legal form, prevailing
business activity, duration, capital: increase,  Read more
decrease, payment, entry or sale, and members; changing data related
to parties which have duties toward business entity:
director, chairman, representative; changing data
related to branch: registering and deleting
branch and branch data)
4. registering changes at entrepreneurs
40 EUR for the first
(application of beginning to perform business activity;
change of personal data related to the entrepreneur, partners   Read more
or manager: name, surname,
Personal Identification Number, number of passport
for foreigners, change of data related to partners who
withdraw and/or join; taking over a store by the
household members in case of entrepreneur’s death;
change of name, business activity as a part of the name,
seat, prevailing activity, name abbreviation, vehicle
registration plate for entrepreneur who does taxi transport;
write in or change of space beyond seat: separated premises,
business unit; write in of beginning or finishing of temporary
end to performing activity; change of period on which is
the entrepreneur registered; write in or change of TIN,
bank account, contacts; write in or deleting data important
for legal traffic)

5. transferring shares – changing founder – selling company (Ltd)
100 EUR

 6. company’s (Ltd) liquidation   100 EUR process initiation
+ 100 EUR process termination
7. deleting entrepreneur – entrepreneurial store
(commercial, craft, catering, agency...)
50 EUR
8. changing legal form – entrepreneur into business entity
200 EUR


B)  Accounting, bookkeeping services

1. company, bookkeeping and balance sheet, the company is in VAT        at least 160 EUR
2. company, bookkeeping and balance sheet, the company is not in VAT at least 120 EUR
3. entrepreneur (store), bookkeeping and balance sheet, the entrepreneur is in VAT at least 160 EUR
4. entrepreneur (store), bookkeeping and balance sheet, the entrepreneur is not in VAT at least 120 EUR
5. entrepreneur (store), bookkeeping and balance sheet, the entrepreneur is not in VAT, services at least 100 EUR
6. entrepreneur with flat rate taxation 50 EUR
7. company in dormancy 50 EUR
8. entrepreneurial store in dormancy 25 EUR

The price of accounting, i.e. bookkeeping services is determined and arranged with each client separately and it depends primarily from client’s activity as well as amount of work.

Here you can see AKTIVA sistem’s typical Contract about offering accounting, i.e.
bookkeeping services - double entry bookkeeping or flat rate taxation
, as well as it’s typical Annex.
We provide the document General conditions separately, as well as detailed Price list of accounting (bookkeeping) services.


Ostale uslugeC)  Other services

Counseling regarding company’s and store’s establishment at least 20 EUR
Counseling regarding other areas of AKTIVA sistem’s operations
(for our clients, this is a part of basic services’ price)
at least 20 - 100 EUR
Writing in the register bidder for public procurements at least 200 EUR
Preparing and electronic delivery of yearly income
tax application, Obrazac PPDG-2R
at least 50 EUR
Approval for temporary residence of foreigners at least 20 EUR
Work permits for foreigners at least 20 EUR

Bezbednost i zdravlje na raduZaštita od požara    Preparing acts about work security and health, about estimating risks
   and fire protection  
   - for every job an offer is prepared.

Novac Taxes are not voluntary category,
so you have to pay them.
We will find the right way to pay less
respecting all regulations.

We will either find a way, or make one.     Hannibal