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Tax advice
Bookkeeping - Accounting
Estabilishing companies

Accounting, bookkeeping,
including related services

Usually we provide all bookkeeping / accounting services, but it is possible to agree on individual or multiple services too.

Accounting is core services Accounting is core services Services in this group are our core services including following:

  • Ongoing training and advice on the implementation of regulations in the financial
    management / accounting / financial / tax sphere of our client's business
  • Bookkeeping: journal, general ledger and subsidiary records;
  • Analytical accounting : customers, suppliers, fixed assets, goods and services etc. Production, raw materials, finished products bookkeeping
  • Calculations of retail and wholesale prices, keeping KEPU book ( Goods and services records ) ;
  • Keeping VAT records, calculation and VAT tax returns
  • Analysis and financial indicators on demand in order to provide information for management so that optimal tax return policy is applied ( fully aligned with Serbian regulations ) as well as for general management policy and decisions.
  • Balance sheet, income statement, statistical annex, tax statements and tax return, corporate income tax and personal income tax

Our clients are of :
- Various legal form: micro and small enterprises (companies, Ltd.), entrepreneurs sole traders, foreign representative offices and branches of companies etc.
- Various activities: wholesale and retail trade, production and services, import - export, exchange offices, construction companies, software companies, etc.

Our services are carried out at day -to- day basis
that enables us to keep daily promptness of all accounts,
balances and statements to be reported to authorities as well as to business management
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No Type of service Will be completed
1. Payment of the cash to bank account The same day
2. Collection of checks on current accounts In 24 Hours
3. Updating and printing of trade books ( data entry of daily cash receipts ) In 24 Hours
4. Processing of retail calculations (entry of goods in retail) In 24 Hours
5. Booking of daily cash receipts in retail In 24 Hours
6. Wholesale calculations (input goods in the wholesale, including import ) In 24 Hours
7. Outgoing invoices from wholesale In 24 Hours
8. leveling of the prices, transfer notes In 24 Hours
9. Production, raw material intake and consumption, cost of finished goods In 24 Hours
10. Current account's, foreign currency accounts statements In 24 Hours
11. The accounts of the operating costs In 24 Hours
12. Exchange transactions ( Dinar to / from foreign currency ) In 24 Hours
13. Payroll and other employee benefits ( electronic applications with unified billing ) In 24 Hours
14. Registration to Social insurance institute(M-1) In 24 Hours
15. Sign out of employees from Social insurance institute (M-2) In 24 Hours
16. Health cards issuance In 24 Hours
17. Validation of health cards In 24 Hours
18. Submission of tax returns for VAT Latest one day before deadline
19. Submission of annual accounts Latest 10 days before deadline
20. Submission of the annual tax balance Latest 3 days before deadline
21. Submission of PPP forms ( The individual tax return ) Latest 10 days before deadline

Completing all the reports and statements and daily delivering to client is our standard aiming to utilization of accounting in managerial purposes, as well as to comply
with legal obligations.
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Kreiranje knjigovodstvenih izveštaja We point out this with pride, and not without reason. Given below is a growing number of examples of accounting reports that are delivered to customers as hard copy, but also, by e-mail, on flash memory stick or CD. All reports are in text format and are perfectly readable for WordPad:

Izveštaji finansijskog i robnomaterijalnog knjigovodstva- Statements of financial accounting: accounts payable and receivables, account balances, analytics by accounts, group of accounts, review of synthetic and analytical accounts, period-end closing journal, financial journal

Izveštaji finansijskog i robnomaterijalnog knjigovodstva- Inventory and material accounting: inventory card (quantity), review of individual items, inventory list, KEPU book ( Goods and services records );

Tax records: records of received and issued invoices

Quarterly or at client's demand you will receive CD containing reports and statements of reported quantity and value balances, purchase and sale prices, accounts payable and receivables, the general ledger, period-end closing journal etc. Simultaneously the client receives all accounting documents for the period and record of invoices. In this way client has full control over the accounting process, documentation and data entered in accounts and presented in reports and statements.

Bank account, payment and treasury services

  • Gotovinski platni prometCash payments,
    • Submitting daily cash receipts to bank account
    • Cash payments - salaries, treasury, petty cash
    • Current account checks processing
  • Bank account transactionsBank account transactions
    • Bank account statements paper or digital - collecting and filling or printing
    • Transferring or notifying to client in most proper way
    • E banking - according to client's needs and demand, can be provided with all commercial banks.
  • Platni promet sa inostranstvomForeign exchange / cross border payments - all in and out payments and necessary bank applications including foreign exchange trade transactions


Gotovinski i bezgotovinski platni prometBank account payments and cash transactions service is provided to all clients with all commercial banks chosen by our client. We have established E-banking with all banks, and use all the applications they offered (Halcom, Pexim, FX client, Web aplication).

Payroll, HR, reporting to social insurance and pension and disability insurance funds

Obračun zarada
  • Payroll for employees, directors, founders and owners - net, gross, taxes and contributions, deductions from net salary
  • Benefits calculation (sick leave up to 30 days, over 30 days, maternity leave, etc.), reporting to Healthcare and Pension funds
  • Calculation of other personal income (allowance, meal allowance, travel costs);
  • Calculation of fees applied to temporary service contracts, part-time employees and similar
  • Rent al costs calculation, capital gains;
  • Keeping analytical records Keeping analytical records
  • Records of all accounts and payments, compilation of M-4 and PPP forms (individual tax returns).

Compilation of appropriate tax returns and timely submitting to the Tax Administration.

Kadrovi i socijalno - prijava i odjava radnika Regarding HR services we provide full service with Social insurance and Pension funds:

  • Employment contracts, temporary jobs contracts, contract on supplementary work, service contracts and similar;
  • Registration and cancelation - workers, directors, founders and owners, in the Pension Funds
  • Registration and cancelation - workers, directors, founders and owners, in the Social insurance
  • Decision on vacations, leave and similar
  • Kalkulator
  • Various certificates / confirmations of employment, the amount of income and similar;
  • Entrepreneurs' salary registration in the analytical records of the Pension Fund;
  • Registering years in service of employees with Pension fund
  • Health insurance cards - issuing new and validation of existing with Healthcare fund

Tax administration related services:

Poreska upravaWe are giving full service regarding taxes:
Preparation and submission of all statutory tax calculations and reports in accordance with CIT Law, VAT Law, PIT Law, Property Tax Law and other relevant taxes

  • We will apply for tax authority statements and provide necessary reconciliation
  • Zgrada Poreske upravePossible tax pay back
  • You can authorize us for all necessary actions and / or correspondence with tax authorities so that we can represent, support or advise you in all matters related to tax authorities
  • We are in daily close contact with tax authorities
  • Due dates and proper reporting is of our utmost attention and care


Izrada biznis planova, investicionih elaborata i studijaThese services are provided in written, in form of meeting or by phone

ConsultationsIn case of more complex matters we prefer written communication in order to prepare the most suitable solutions for our clients

Training It's possible to organize training or support in client's premises also

ConsolationsPossible subjects of consolations are of very wide range of business matters and mostly dependent on client dilemmas or questions. Based on our knowledge and experience we'll do our best to find and suggest the best solution.

Novac Taxes are not voluntary category,
so you have to pay them.
We will find the right way to pay less
respecting all regulations.

We will either find a way, or make one.     Hannibal